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dental chair light head HKD- A600

Digital Oral Imaging Teaching System perfectly combines the surgical-level dental operating LED lamp with the medical-level high-definition camera and uses the SDI-HDMI high-definition digital transmission line to transmit the real-time audio and video of the surgery to the big screen. Not only does it solve the traditional students' problem of not being able to hear or see clearly, but also completely eliminates the extreme embarrassment of the patient being watched by everyone, making the teaching efficient and smooth, providing better service support for training dentists and greatly satisfying the needs of teaching and meetings.


Dental light

Digital Oral Imaging System

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Product Description

CCD Sensor                                                                                                                                         
1/3-type CMOS                                                                                                                           
1920 x 1080P
Effective Number of pixels
Approx.3,270,000 pixels
Day / Night
Horizontal Resolution
20×optical zoom,f=4.7mm(wide)-94.0mm(tele),F1.6-F3.5
Digital zoom
12×(120x with optical zoom)
Horizontal angle of view
55.4° (wide)to 2.9° (tele)
Minimum object distance
10 mm (wide) to 1000 mm (tele)
Wide dynamic On/Off
S/N ratio
More than 50 dB
Electronic shutter
1/1 to 1/10,000 s, 22 steps
White balance
Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One-push, Manua
Auto/Manual (-3 to 28 dB, 16 steps)

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dental light LED-B

1.LED-B  oral lamps follow YYT 1120-2021 industry design specification, and all technical parameters exceed industry standards and are superior to international standards 2. smooth and round appearance. Core light control, using the latest secondary optical technology to the light source, accurate control of light distance and spot effect. Through touch, infrared induction, adjust the light effect parameters, by the visual LED digital display, equipped with SONY 30 times 2 million pixel 1020P HD integrated movement, to achieve sensitivity and high quality picture. 

oral light LED-AZS

1.Totally enclosed design and hygienic autoclavable handle covers which is easily taken out or put in 2.5 color temperatures to be chosen(4000K to 5700K)  3.The light is also an excellent choice for the ENT and cosmetic surgery. (rectangle pattern, high illumination, superb shadow less effect)

shadowless light LED-FSL

1. No frame high transparent enclosed design easy to clean 2.Round and solitary handle design grip full 3. Projection Angle of 13 degrees, no shadow effect is good

operating light LED-ZZ03

1.Illuminance stepless adjustable, brightness level of surgery, no additional surgery light source. 2.Stepless adjustable color temperature, and increase the comfort level with the eye doctor 3.Color rendering index: Ra > 92%, ensure high fidelity 4.The blue light, no stroboscopic, fully guarantee the doctors use eye health。Light: 160 × 80 mm, flare founder, limited around the patient's mouth, Don't illuminate the patient eyes 5.Curing light mode, effectively prevent the rapid curing resin material 6.Touch control, light and flexible, accurate positioning

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