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dental opertaing light LED-FSM


Reflective Series

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Product Description

  • the main structure is with the aluminum die-casting design, the imported bearing makes the light rotate flexibly.
  • fadeless because of the high-temperature spray surface treatment
  • two optional operating modes: sensor and touch
  • patented display design:7 files of intensity design
  • good shadowless performance
    •   LED-FSM
      Voltage电压 AC12V-24V
      Power Consumption 功率 10W
      Light Intensity 照度 min(最小) <=7000lux,max(最大) >= 32000lux
      Pattern Size 光斑尺寸 90*180
      Color Temperature 色温 3900K,4300K & 5500K
      Ra 显色指数 90%
      Shadowless solution无影度 <9mm
      Eye intensity 眼睛照度 <200lux
      Operating method操作方式 sensor or touch 感应加触摸
      Sensor distance感应范围 20-80mm
      Net weight 净重 1.48kg


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