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sensor dental light LED-E


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Product Description

1.Smart oval design.
2.Foldable mirror.
3.Patented design of special included angle ensures patients can see the mirror during the operation and communication with dentists.
4.The distribution of six lens enables the light to have excellent shadow less effect.
5.Foldable patented mirror design will make the communication between patiens and dentists available during the operations.
6.Dismountable hygienic handles.
7.Flexible adjustment of the light position.

Voltage 电压 AC12V-24V
Power Consumption 功率 2-10W
Light Intensity 照度 min(最小)<=7000lux,max(最大)>=40000lux 
Pattern Size 光斑尺寸 80*160
Color Temperature 色温 5000K
Ra 显色指数 90%
Shadowless solution 无影度 <φ10mm
Eye intensity 眼睛照度 <200lux
Operating method 操作方式 Sensor or Touch 手动控制+感应控制
Sensor distance 感应范围 20-80mm
Net weight 净重 1.45kg


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