LED lamps will bring about different changes in dentistry


Nowadays, the lighting industry is becoming more and more dependent on LED lights. After all, this era is improving. LED lights are much higher than the original lighting system in many performances, so many industries have begun to use this LED lamp instead of the original one. Lights, and in the medical industry, have been replaced with LED lights, because LED lights with better performance are better for the medical industry.


The LED has the characteristics of a point source and a solid-state source, and has a long luminous life, which can save energy, high shock resistance, small volume, fast response, and high color saturation. In terms of environmental protection, it is much better than the original one, so it is better to use. In the medical field, in addition to surgical shadowless lamps, there are LED dental lamps, endoscope lamps; surgical room lamps for regional illumination, surgical preparation lamps; phototherapy devices for the treatment of special diseases, such as photodynamic therapy devices, Neonatal jaundice treatment equipment, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, etc., are suitable for promoting LED medical lighting. For example, the LED oral lamp can make the dentist better see the inflammation, tooth decay, etc. in the patient's mouth, so that the symptoms can be diagnosed.